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The Electromagnetic Interference Measuring Kit measures electomagnetic signals in the 3,625 MHz to 4,200MHz band, and 5,850 to 6,426 MHz band, thus enabling to find out both intensity and direction at the site of the analysis.

It is basically comprised of the following elements:

- One base that allows horizontal and vertical leveling through the use of spirit level and spherical base;

- Angular scales with self-braking worm thread/crown, built into the body of the kit, thus allowing independent measures from the azimuth and elevation angles;

- A horn set with orthomodal joint that serves the expanded band with a guide outlet for the 3,625 MHz to 4,200 MHz band and another for the 5,850 to 6,425 MHz band;

- One tripod with adjustable legs.

The following may be supplied as optional features: coaxial guide transition for the 5,850 to 6,452 MHz band, and a low-noise amplifier for the 3,625 to 4,200 MHz band.

The fittings and parts of the Kit are designed and constructed to allow the most compact and rigid unit assemblage possible, according to angular tolerances below 0.5º. For such, manufacturing of the parts and pieces is done in machines with computerized numerical commands (CNC), from prime raw-materials, namely special aluminum, bronze and stainless steel alloys, ensuring the precision specified for the kit and the execution of complex internal cavities for start-up devices, scales, locks, axles, and bearings. Assemblage of parts is done on performance tables, where each stage is checked for quality control, size, calibration requirements, and adjustment of angular and operating scales.

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