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American Tele Data Is Your One Source For All Your Fiber Optic-Data-Network Equipment-Wireless- Ethernet Switch-OEM & Telecommunications Needs



American Tele Data Will Provide You With On- Time Quotations- And A Low Price Guarantee On All Products along with On time Freight Tracking & Delivery Confirmation-and No- Cost Design-Engineering Of Your Network. American Tele Data is one of the leading distributors of new and refurbished state-of-the-art fiber optic cable and network switches, fiber optic assemblies, and much more. We redefine customer service excellence through engineering, custom kitting, and unsurpassed service.

Now Only $ 479.00 Each! Introducing the World's Only Corner Rack!- Starting at $ 479 each!






American Tele Data is now one of the largest fiber optic cable suppliers in the USA with a complete line of singlemode fiber optic cables and multimode fiber optic jumpers

10 Gigabit Fiber


American Tele Data now is a Tier One distributor of Great Lakes Data Cabinets & Racks-Shipped Same Day - Click for details!

Racks & Data Cabinets & Enclosures - Shipped Same Day!

Thousands of Fiber Cables Now Get Gigabit Ethernet Switches Wholesale

NEWS FLASH! American Tele Data announces our new 250,000 ft stocking warehouse and showroom at 10870 - 49th St. North in beautiful Clearwater, Florida with FIBER - COAX - CAT 5/6 -RACKS - RACEWAY AND MORE!

American Tele Data Now Carries All Emerson Power-Equipment For Data Centers and much more...

Fiber Test Equipment

10 Gigabit CAT 6A Patch Cords

New 10 Gigabit Fiber Assemblies

Fiber Test Kits

Fiber Optic Enclosures



CAT 6 Plenum

CAT 6 PVC-CAT 6 UTP & CAT 6 Shielded Gigabit Ethernet
New 10 Gigabit CAT 6 - UTP & 10 Gigabit Shielded CAT 6 Cable Outdoor CAT 6 Cable and Underground CAT 6 Cable

American Tele Data has remained an aggressive industry leader in the data supply industry offering fiber optic & data communications products that support leading-edge telecommunications technologies such as Fiber To The Home, IP, Network Access, 802.11 Wireless, Point to Point Wireless, Ethernet over copper, CWDM, passive connectivity, digital cross connect systems, power products, cable, routers, 10 gigabit switches, gigabit ethernet switching and more! Our broad range of manufacturers include industry standards you know and trust, giving you additional confidence as you work on strategic business solutions for your company.

New Products OUTDOOR Patch Cords!-Shielded Patch Cords-Outdoor Rated Patch Cords- Shielded Cables

New 10 Gigabit Fiber Assemblies

American Tele Data Will Guarantee the best pricing on all 200,000 products including data eqipment, fiber optic cable, fiber optic test equipment and more!


Telco Systems Switches

DATA Cabinets

Extreme Networks Gigabit Switch Supplier

Lowest Priced Highest Quality Patch Cords In The USA!

Outdoor CAT5e Cable-Outdoor CAT6 Cable

Fiber To The Curb Vaults


Click or call for more about getting your "favorite cable in a foolproof box!" New Fiber Optic Cable in a Box

New SnakeTube Duct-Resist 900 Celsius fire for 3 hours!

Snake Tube Duct

Shielded CAT 6 Patch Cords  

ExtremeFiberOptic Switches New Optical Switches Media Converters

Outdoor CAT5E Cable or Outdoor CAT 6 Cable and we now offer CAT 5E Patch Cords

OUTDOOR Rated CAT 5e CABLE CAT 5e Outdoor Cable: Part # American Tele Data 763108 CAT 5e Outdoor Cable-1000' Outdoor Rated Category 5e Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Ethernet Cable - Sunlight/UV/Oil Resistant Jacket Suitable for Burial - Unshielded with Unbonded Pairs - Black Coat, PC Connection's Enhanced Category 5e Flooded Outdoor Ethernet cable is made from 4-pair, 24AWG solid copper wire, enclosed in an outdoor rated, moisture and chemical resistant black polyethylene jacket. Flooding compound surrounds the twisted pairs, providing additional moisture protection. This cable is engineered to meet or exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.2 performance criteria for 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet applications-Extreme outdoor gel filled, UV rated, plenum, Cat 5e cable. Perfect for extreme weather conditions. Can be run, installed or buried.

Part # American Tele Data 763108 List Price $310.00 per 1000 ft - Our Cost as Low As $ 189.00/1000-Call (866) 342-3721 and ask about our 1000 Foot Cable

CAT 5e PLENUM Cable-IN BULK ONLY-50 Box/Pallet -4 Pallet Minimum- $100.00/Per Box-1000 Feet-Please Allow 4 weeks- $70/Box-Plenum CAT 5e Cable-Minimum 100 Pallets!Serious Inquiries Only!

OSP Closures


Wholesale-Coax Cables

We Supply FTTH Projects-SBC-Verizon Fiber To The Curb/Home Fiber Optic-OSP-Fiber Test Equipment

American Tele Data is all about quality products from the leading manufacturers



Call (866) 342-3721 Or Click On The Chat Button At The Top Of The Page To Talk To One Of Our Representatives

AFL Fusion Splicers Noyes Otdrs Handheld OTDR


We’re here to help you solve business challenges while increasing your ability to meet your own customers’ growing expectations from their telecommunications service providers.

Raceway Systems

Snake Tray

Cablofil Raceway-CableTray

ICC Raceway

Ladder Racks


Cable Trays

Data Cabinets-$ 699-Up --- Field Termination Kits RacewaySystems

Carrier -Class Nebs Certified NOC-IP Switches- These are NEBS-Certified- not just 'Compliant'

We assist in Engineering as well!

Pluggable SFP's, Muxes/CWDMMux/WDM

Carrier-Class Metro Core Switches
Call our customer service reps for immediate service or email us at

Monthly Specials Weekly Specials Clearance Blowouts NEW Products

Check Out Our Latest In VOIP Switches & Routers DS-3 Terminal Multiplexers

American is now a distributor for : and

Draka USA has recently completed the purchase of Alcatels' Fiber Division- Commscope has purchased ATT's Systimax Division

Call American Tele Data for ordering information (866) FIBER 21 or click on the chat button at the top of the page to talk to us

NEW SMART HOME/Plenum CAT 5e Low Smoke Cable $99.00- For All Your Smart Home Residential Cabling-We also Have CAT 5e Cable 350 MHZ at $ 45.00 per 1000 feet- Minimum 10 Box Order- Now LOW SMOKE- Similar to Plenum Cat 5e at $99.00/1000 Feet!! (Specials- Fall)

CAT 5e Low Smoke No Halogen Cable For $ 99.99 Each /1000 Feet--Minimum Order 5,000 Feet - otherwise $129.00 Each plus Freight

CAT 5e 350 MHZ Cable -1000 Feet at $40/1000-Shipped To Your Door! $99.00 Zero Halogen Visit Our Smart Home Page Residential Smart Home Products
CAT 6 Keystone Jacks as low as $ 1.95 each!

Generic CAT 6 Keystone Jack As Low as $1.95 each!
Part #: IC1078L6 Availability: In Stock CAT 6 ICC HiPerlink 6 Modular Cat 6

COAX CONNECTORS: We Now Have Thousands Of Coax Connectors For Wireless- Military-OEM Manufactured By One Of the World's Largest Manufacturers - Call Us Today For A Custom Quote-

(866) 342-3721 or click the chat button at the top of the page to talk to our knowledgeable representatives.

And for what's new on the "Technological Radar," click to view American Tele Data's latest products!

telecom supply
opterna fiber optic products

World's Best Dynamometers

Fiber Optic Assemblies Clearance!
Click for a list of fiber assemblies and pricing.
(Price sheet is in Microsoft Excel format) Singlemode Assemblies, Multimode Assemblies

Fiber Optic Cables- CAT 5e Cable- CAT 6 Cable- Central Office Cables-Specialty Cables- Military Cable- OSP- Indoor-Outdoor Cables

American offers a wide variety of fiber optic cable, CAT 5e cables, CAT 6 cable, Military cables, Coax cables, Specialty cables, and indoor- outdoor cables for all types of trunk, backbone, vertical and horizontal cabling needs.
All our manufacturer partners offer the highest quality fiber cables and copper cable that meet ISO 9001 manufacturing standards. All our cable designed to meet global standards for performance and safety. Call us today for a no-obligation quote for all your cabling needs.

Multi Mode Cables
Outdoor OSP
Security Cables
Indoor Outdoor Cables
Coax Cables
Dielectric Cables
Datacom and Central Office Cables

Top Server Software & Firewall Products From ositis

AccessNow Express

For more info


Product Lines

aluminum racks


Quality Fiber Optic CableAt Project- Wholesale Pricing

Whether you are building a new facility or renovating an existing space, TekRak systems are adaptable to your network storage needs and requirements.

Kewaunee Enclosures offer the best match for your specialized network applications. They adapt to your style and changing needs with a wide variety of door styles and configurations. Choose from two standard models; the 300 Series and the 500 Series.

opterna fiber optic products

MRV Optical Products
Fiber Crossconnects


Cisco Gear Clearance



Telecommunication Solutions

Level 2,3,4 Switches

Fiber Optic Solutions

Fiber Optic Test Equipment


OPM 6 & OLS 6
ptical Power Meter & Light Sources

Fiber Optic Test Equipment

MLP 4-2
Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit
Fiber Optic Test Equipment

DataCom Supplies
American Tele Data Now Carries Plantonics & GN Netcom Headsets!
Patch CordsMultiflow 5000
RJ45, 4-pair 24AWG, PVC Jacketed Patch Cords Available in
100Mhz or 350Mhz, Shielded or Unshielded, Assembly,
Booted or Molded, Straight Thru or Crossover Standard
lengths and colors available

Cat5, Cat5e, Fiber Optic cabling solutions

Cable Management

American Tele Data provides a complete line of cable management products to make every installation neat, well organized and secure.

Jacks And Wall Plates

IMO Series Styled Modular Faceplates AC and Keystone Styles available

IMO Series Face Plates These Feed Thru Plates are
designed for RCA, BNC and ST Fiber Inserts

Cross Connect Solutions
Cat5e & Fiber Patch Panels, USOC, 110 Type Patch Panels
Anritsu cisco systems
Telco Systems



telecom supply

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Fiber Termination Kits

BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers

Raceway Systems- Cable Tray

Fiber Optic Enclosures

OSP Closures

Fiber Optic Adapters

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Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Attenuators



CAT 6 Patch Panels

CAT5E Jacks

CAT 5E Cable

CAT 6 Cable

Test Equipment

FiberEthernet Media Converters