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Telco Systems - EdgeGate 242W - FTTH WiFi Residential Gateway - EdgeGate 483 - Triple play all-in-one future-proof outdoor CPE for Active Ethernet (P2P) FTTH - EdgeGate 232 - Mini EdgeGate Voice over IP and FTTH Media Gateway - T5C™ Family - L2/3/4 Routing SwitchesVoIP - FTTx - Carrier Ethernet - Ethernet Demarcation - Multi-Service Access - Optical Transport - Wavelength Multiplexing - TDM - NMS/EMS - Network Optimization

Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH)

EdgeGate 242W
FTTH WiFi Residential Gateway

EdgeGate 483
Triple play all-in-one future-proof outdoor CPE for Active Ethernet (P2P) FTTH

EdgeGate 232
Mini EdgeGate Voice over IP and FTTH Media Gateway

T5C™ Family
L2/3/4 Routing Switches




American Tele Data Carries a full line of FTTH,Fiber To The Home Products including the following family of FTTH Switches and IP media Gateways. The Telco GW-282 IP Media Gateway can be deployed indoors (residence or business) or outdoors in an environmentally controlled cabinet. This cabinet provides separate lock-secured access gateways for the Service Provider and end user. The cabinet is designed to support Automated Meter Reading and is equipped to support battery backup for providing Lifeline POTS.

The Fiber To The Home- FTTH concept has become a reality and after years of successful fiber to the home installations, fiber to the home field trials & technological advances so the concept of installing "Fiber Optic Cable To The Home" is becoming a reality. Many successful installations prove fiber optics can deliver bundled or individual data, voice and video circuits more efficiently to the home by using a fiber optic cable- "than any other medium". Fiber Optic Cable is able to deliver a mulititude of data, voice and video services to the home more efficiently-and securely-versus traditional copper transport mediums. We are all aware of slow dial-up frustrations, DSL outages, and coax cable issues (Broadband-Cable TV). Once fiber optics are deployed- as an end to end solution- all these inherent problems associated with copper /coax based transport factilities virtually disappear.

Rural FTTX Deployment- FTTX- FTTX City Wide Deployment- Triple Play



In the beginning the first to ventures into the FTTH- Fiber TO The Home Rollouts were the RBOCS- ( Remember ISDN?) and Carriers as far back as the 1980's ranging from Pacific Bell, MCI, Bellsouth and GTE.Then in the late 1990's there was a great upsurge in fiber to the home deployment by private firms called CLEC's- Competitive Loop Exchange Carriers. These companies unfortunately got caught up in the Wall Street rebellion of the Dot Coms and anyting to do with Telecom was frowned upon by Wall Street for about 4 years. But now they are back along with WISPS-CLEC's that offer fiber optic and wireless hybrid solutions.The reason why the FTTH technology has been dramatically opened to competition is advances in technology and extreme reduction in the pricing of fiber optic cable and telecommunications hardware. There are now technologies that offer 3-5 year "payback" on "Triple Play". Our supplier partners include several manufacturers including Telco Systems, AFL, and others.

IF YOU ARE A CITY- MUNICIPALITY- DEVELOPER- READ ON- THERE IS A LOT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF BUILDING A FIBER TO THE HOME-FTTH-FTTX SYSTEM YOURSELF.With 3- 5 year "payback" for "Triple Play Networks- you need to visit a few of our links to explore the advantages of building your own Fiber To The Home System in your own community. Please visit this link for some of the reasons WHY you should invest in a FTTH System yourselves

Please visit the below short profiles in Fiber To The Home Broadband Buildouts- The USA is currently 19th in the world in FTTH Deployments


Fiber Optic technologies are the key enabling media to support the higher bandwidth and new services, such as VoIP, VOD and IPTV. Fiber enables providers to improve their competitiveness, achieve operating efficiencies, address the demand for faster Internet service, and pursue new revenue-generating opportunities such as digital video.

To help developers in Greenfield communities design and build a fiber-based network to meet the needs of their residential and commercial subscribers, Telco Systems has formed an alliance with AFL Telecommunications to create a turn-key active Ethernet FTTH network solution. The alliance, called FTTH Made Easy, provides end-to-end system integration as well as consulting services and solutions to help developers build fiber-based networks.

While a large majority of FTTH deployments today are based on passive optical networking (PON), the advantages of point-to-point active Ethernet are well documented. According to Kent Brown, Director of Access Solutions at AFL Telecommunications, “A point-to-point active Ethernet network is CapEx friendly and provides more control over network design and bandwidth. Telco Systems has developed a set of solutions that enable developers to cost-effectively create an active Ethernet FTTx strategy that addresses the evolving needs of the community.”