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    IAD- Integrated Access Devices-Telco Systems Switches- Nebs Compliant Switches

    American Tele Data Tele Data TELCO SYSTEMS EdgeLink200 Family of fixed-port IADs
    Telco Systems’ EdgeLink200® family of T1 fixed-port integrated access devices (IAD) provides low-cost, compact integration of voice and data services at the customer premises. It combines the functionality of several different CPE devices to allow for low-cost integration of POTS/CENTREX, PBX, corporate LAN access, and Internet services into a single device for uplink to the network core over T1. Each IAD includes a single T1, V.35, and router. The differences are as follows: EdgeLink200R – T1/FT1 access router, EdgeLink204 – 4 analog voice ports, EdgeLink208 – 8 analog voice ports, EdgeLink212 – 12 analog voice ports, EdgeLink216 –16 analog voice ports, and EdgeLink224 – 24 analog voice ports.

    Telco Edgelink 200

    Compact, cost-effect access for small-to-medium enterprise

    Reduces access costs of delivering multiple voice and data services to branch offices and small businesses
    Services supported: fixed configurations up to 24 POTS/CENTREX lines, Ethernet LAN, and V.35 data port
    Choice of fixed configurations based on voice needs, with full flexibility for data bandwidth allocation
    Supports new service bundles - voice/Internet access or voice/corporate LAN interconnect
    Leverages low-cost leased access to enter new markets
    Reduces equipment needed to aggregate customer traffic
    Compact – only 1 RU
    Remotely manageable and configurable with embedded web-base GUI
    HTTP and shell-based management supported
    AC and DC power supported
    Custom rack-and-stack configurations available

    Based in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Telco Systems is committed to leading the industry in the development of transport, access, and packet products for carriers' COs, Co-Los, and POPs, as well, enterprise solutions for FTTH, SOHO, hospitality, education, and MTU/MDU. Integrating circuit- and packet-switched technologies onto flexible platforms ensures cost-effective operation

    Multi Service Access
    Channel Banks
    T1/E1 Electrical-to-Optical Converters
    Frame Relay
    Integrated Access
    Mini DCS
    Battery Backup


    Telco T- 5 Compact Switch

    "The results show that Telco Systems' T5 Compact outperforms Cisco's Catalyst 2950G-48 convincingly in every test performed"- Click Here

    Cost-effective, high-performance, ultra-compact IP solution

    NEBS Compliant
    Dense 10/100 Mbps copper configuration provides high capacity in a small space
    Choice of fiber interfaces for uplink
    Cost-effective port trunking capabilities
    Non-blocking architecture provides maximum data throughput



    IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree
    IEEE 802.1p Priority Queuing
    IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
    IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
    IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
    IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet
    RFC 768 UDP
    RFC 783 TFTP
    RFC 791 IP
    RFC 792 ICMP
    RFC 793 TCP
    RFC 826 ARP
    RFC 854 Telnet Client &
    RFC 951 BootP
    RFC 1112 IGMP
    RFC 1122 Host Requirements
    RFC 1305 NTP
    RFC 1542 Bootstrap Extensions
    RFC 1866 HTML
    RFC 2068 HTTP
    RFC 2131 BootP/DHCP Relay
    RFC 2138 RADIUS
    RFC 2474 DiffServ Precedence
    RFC 2598 DiffServ Expedited Forwarding
    Connectors: RJ-45
    Transmission: Full/Half-Duplex
    Range: 100 m
    Connectors: RJ-45
    Transmission: Full/Half-Duplex
    Range: 100 m
    Connectors: LC, MT-RJ
    Transmission: Full Duplex
    Optical Budget: 9dB
    Range: 220m for 62.5/125µ, 850nm
    550m for 50/125µ, 850nm
    Connectors: LC
    Transmission: Full Duplex
    Optical Budget: 9dB
    Range: 6km for 9/125µ, 1310nm
    Switching Characteristics
    Technology: ASIC based parallel
    Bridging: IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Algorithm
    Address Table: 8K MAC Addresses
    Forwarding Rate: Up to 148,800 pps/ 100 Mbps ports
    Up to 1,488,000 pps / 1 Gbps ports
    Flow Control: 802.3x for full duplex and back-pressure for half duplex transmission
    SNMP Client
    MIBs: RFC 1157 SNMP,
    RFC 1213 MIB II,
    RFC 1493 Bridge MIB,
    RFC 1757 RMON,
    BATM Enterprise MIB
    Telnet: Telnet management
    Internet: Java based Web management
    Interface: In-Band

    West Coast (866) 342-3721 ------East Coast (866) 650-DATA